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Welcome to [NGC] DarkRP!


General Rules

NLR - New Life Rule - Do not return to the place of your death for 2 minutes

Only Hobo is allowed to build in public. 

Random Death Match (RDM) is NOT allowed.

Prop-abusing is NOT allowed.

Inappropriate or offensive prop constructions are not allowed.

Advertisements and DDoS threats are an Instant Perma Ban

Bug abuse is not allowed

You may have four fading doors per entrance

Crouch entrances are not allowed

You must have one or more entrance to your base.

Do not randomly stun-stick players. 

By default all weapons are legal with a license.



Job Rules

You must wait 5 minutes before minutes before completing a hit on the same player

You must heal anyone who asks for it regardless of their job.
You may only base with other medics.

Wait at least 5 minutes before mugging the same player again.
You are only allowed to mug/raid with at least 2 gangsters.

All Dealers:
You can only base with other Dealers

Do not build in spawn
Don't make overly large buildings, Admins have the last word on your build.

Admins have last word if your laws are valid.
You cannot have all weapons illegal, you must allow at least two.
No more than $1,000 for a gun license


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